Our Story

We feature a team of experienced professionals with over 50 years of experience across multiple industries, but at our hearts, we are customers who have experienced and struggled with the lag of digitization and automation in the car repair industry. Accidents and breakdown happen everyday, in which case customers assess different repair options based on time, cost, and reliability factors. The journey is -still very much- described as a painful manual process.
With over 3 million used cars in the UAE itself, the non-availability of an online digital platform can equip customers with the information they need to decide with regards to where, how, when, and how much will it cost them to repair their car, was mind blowing. The problem was crystalized during Covid lock-down, when we have struggled to get information, we needed to make the right decision regarding repairing our car. For us, it was only natural that we do something about it! it took us over one whole year to do dedicated research, establish contacts, put performance standards, and create a reliable
platform of trusted garages and workshops where customers can have seamless experience when repairing their cars. We have embarked on this journey from Delaware in the USA, where we have established our first business there, and soon after, we have headed to what we call home, the United Arab
Emirates to start our first branch. Our business was welcomed by the UAE regulatory bodies and greatly supported by the vision of its leaders who paved the way for major players from around the world to come to Dubai, to change the world to a better place. We have been embraced by the Dubai Internet City, accelerator programme, the In5, who supported every step we made to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers.

About us

We are an independent, neutral, and transparent digital platform that houses the most trusted garages and workshops operating in the UAE. Our aim is to provide the best service to both our clients and partners.